Method to the Madness: Determining Distribution Channels

We’ve been there before. Months maybe even years of work are finally culminating into a product launch and distribution, marketing and sales strategy is being hammered out. These elements are not to be taken lightly and whatsmore - distribution affects selection of marketing tactics and they are difficult to change once put in motion.

So what happens when you have a product that could appeal to various markets or channels of distribution in a single market?

You need to identify a distribution channel(s) that offer(s):

  • Ease of entry against the competition

  • Low cost of entry compared to the competition

  • Limited financial risk and commitment to the trade

  • Enough volume potential to reach short-term goals

  • Price levels to generate acceptable company revenues and profits

Then look at possible distribution channels:

  • Retail outlets

  • Wholesale outlets

  • Sales forces

  • Direct mail or flyers

  • Online marketing

  • TV and cable direct marketing

This is where Kuantum shines. We analyze these options and match them to your marketing plan to create a solid distribution and sales plan; we identify how competitors' products are sold, balance costs of channels and sales force options, and prioritize channels and next steps.