Building Brand Awareness Before Distribution

We came across this really great article by Marc Barros on the importance of focussing on a product’s audience and brand awareness before you even start talking distribution.

In the article he states:

Focusing on brand awareness first enables you to deeply understand your customers, while having real data about which tactics convert into sales. Only until your select points of distribution sell through at increasing rates, for several months, should you think about growing your distribution...The best product doesn’t always win, the product everyone knows about does.

Here are the high-level takeaways that can help your business or product strategy:

  • Start With Existing Customers: Having existing customers is fantastic, so facilitating them to tell their friends is critical. The best way to enable existing customers is to understand when they talk to potential buyers. Outside of direct word of mouth you can try any ideas that get your existing customers talking about you, reviewing the product, sharing photos, or receiving credit for bringing you new business. Regardless of which tactics you choose be sure to learn how your existing customers heard about the product and what influenced them to buy. It will help you prioritize which channels are most effective.

  • Oline Search: using SEO and SEM strategies are great ways to make sure people don’t miss you because they couldn’t find you. Or worse, they find a competing brand because you show up way too low in the search results. Just keep in mind that the volume of interest is correlated to how well your other marketing tactics are working. Search captures the interest you created elsewhere, it doesn’t create new demand.

  • PR: PR will continue to be one of the most rewarding channels, sworn by everyone who has successfully built a consumer brand. Not only because the press keep the brand relevant, but because they provide third party recommendations for the product. A double edged sword, negative press can bring you down as fast as positive press can bring you up.

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