Product Positioning Via Differentiation

What makes your product unique?

It’s a very simple question that is incredibly hard to explain sometimes - especially to your target audiences. This is when going back to basics can be helpful.

Let’s revisit the definition of differentiation: it’s the  the collection of differences in features and benefits versus competitive products. But here’s the kicker - you have to determine how important these differences are to the buyer. That’s where the power of positioning comes into play.

How do you position meaningful differences in your product or service to your target buyer? Via packaging, pricing, features and benefits, product design, colors, advertising and promotions, PR, events, street teams, social media, even spokespersons. Everything should work together to promote a consistent image that is uniquely you.

Here are the steps we here at Kuantum take to strengthen product positioning:

  • We consciously identify brand features and benefits that are unique to differentiate the company and its products from the competition.

  • We communicate and test which differences are most important to buyers and consumers in deciding to purchase your products rather than those of competitors.

  • We communicate the most unique and important differences to buyers and consumers to create branded value and a brand personality.

In need of a little clarity on what makes your product different among the masses? Contact us here at Kuantum.